Autonomous Systems



KC-3S Introduction to Data Fusion
Leader: Prof Hugh Durrant-Whyte

This is a one day course on data fusion given at ICARCV, December 2002 in Singapore. It is essentially a cut-down version of a three day intensive course on Multi-Sensor Data Fusion given by ACFR staff. The course is aimed at professional engineers and research scientists wishing to acquire a practical knowledge of data fusion methods. The course covers essential methods in multi-sensor estimation, identification, distributed and decentralised data fusion methods. The course emphasizes applications in multi-sensor tracking, distributed sensor systems and multi-sensor navigation.

Part 1: Probabilistic models, discrete and continuous Bayesian and information fusion methods. Laboratory: Data fusion with Bayes theorem.

Part 2: The multisensor Kalman filter, non-linear Multisensor methods, multisensor multi-target tracking. Laboratory: Multisensor multi-target tracking.

Part 3: Distributed and decentralised data fusion methods, multi-person decision theory. Laboratory: Distributed and decentralised data fusion.

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