Autonomous Systems


  Urban Grand Challenge
This project seeks to advance the state of knowledge in the area of ground robotic vehicles by entering the Urban Grand Challenge in which a field of vehicles operate fully autonomously in a complex urban environment that includes moving vehicular traffic. The primary objective of the Urban Challenge is to demonstrate safe, effective autonomous ground vehicle navigation over a 60-mile, 6-hour mission in urban traffic, while conforming to California state traffic laws and established traffic conventions.

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The Urban Challenge is an outgrowth of the DARPA Grand Challenge autonomous vehicle competition conducted in October 2005 in which an autonomous vehicle had to navigate a 130 mile off-road course with no human interaction. This event focused on the development of autonomous vehicles that operate in an off-road environment with only limited interaction with other vehicles. Urban Challenge extends this concept to autonomous vehicles that safely execute missions in a complex urban environment with moving traffic.

The competition will be held in the USA, November 2007 with the winner receiving US$ 2000 000 in prize money.

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