Autonomous Systems



Control Projects

tnPhotoOven.jpg (2k) Automatic Cooking Technologies
The project is collaborative research with Electrolux, aimed to explore and develop sensing, estimation and control technologies to enable automatic and near optimal oven-based cooking of foodstuffs.
ElectrocutorTN.JPG (15k) Autonomous Herbicide-Free Weed Control Systems
Building a mobile system that automatically detects weed and destroys them using non-herbicidal means.
High Speed Manoeuvres
High-speed on-road autonomous ground vehicle manoeuvres.
Intelligent mobility assistant
UnmannedAgriculturalOperationsTN.jpg (16k) Unmanned Agricultural Operations
This project will develop mathematical models of tractor-implement systems that will employ advanced control strategies to guide the implements with very high precision.
homer_unews_thumbnail.jpg (5k) Vision-based SLAM
This project focuses on approaches to solve the simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) problem for autonomous mobile platforms by using natural visual landmarks obtained from an stereoscopic camera.

The Centre for Autonomous Systems finished at the end of 2010. This web site is kept as an example of the work undertaken by the Centre between 2003 and 2010.

This web site is hosted by the Australian Centre for Field Robotics. Please check the ACFR web site for the latest work in this and similar fields of research.